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Juraj Variny juraj at coinbr.com
Sat Dec 19 20:45:23 UTC 2015

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Enclosed patch is just a development snapshot (*ask asciilifeform to
insert smiley here*), a throwaway. It *will* crash at or before block
400000. If you run it, compile it unstripped and run under gdb.

It's a combination of:

(a) JettisonMempool [1]
(b) igprof support [2]
(c) tracks transactions by fee and deallocates lowest fee-for-Kb tx data
(d) custom allocator for blocks and all related data that is never
deallocated so that it won't clobber the heap
(e) malloc tuning

Applies on top of 0.5.4-TEST1 + stator.

(c) Transaction priority is computed as (tx fee)/(memory size in
kB). This "memory size" is a guess of live memory used, not
transaction serialized size and it's spurious, as it's not easy to
know true C++ object graph size. For testing purposes I considered
sufficient that the changes in my mempoolSize roughly corresponded to
changes in LIVE_MEM reported by igprof. The transactions are ordered
by this priority in mapTxFees. Volume of transaction, days
destroyed,etc... are not considered, this should be added if developed
further. Or to be explicitly said "user provides this function".
Removal from mapTxFees is perceptibly slow - O(N), I added
a hack to defer it, but this needs to be completely redone in any

Testing with mempoolMaxSize = 40M

The graphs shows test on amd64 with 12G of RAM and negligible memory
pressure. "Original" means only (c) part is there, "patch" is with all parts.
Since I have removed any other tx fee checks, mempool always
filled up quickly in 1-2 hours every time, connected to 8 peers.

At first, despite deallocating transactions either by (a) or (c), and
igprof reporting this does have effect on LIVE_MEM, RSS memory usage
(as reported by 'ps -o rss -C bitcoind') grew steadily without
bounds. The next idea was,that heap is sprinkled with permanently
allocated blocks data causing inability for malloc to release the
memory back to the OS. I went to try and allocate these
separately... and boy does that rabbit hole go deep - had to add
custom allocator to several places and a bypass for openssl's BIGNUM
aka CBigNum.

The outcome is with all objects on heap having similar lifetimes,
malloc able to do its job better, but the growth is still
unbounded. Memory (on x86_64) roughly consists of 20M code, 80M
CBlockIndex array, 32M buffer for other permanent objects (mbiMem) and
rest is the heap (basically the mempool), total 250M as seen from the
graph. This means that while the patch estimates mempool memory usage
at 40M it's really about twice. Looking at its igprof results, it's
mostly std::map overhead. Throwing std::map (it is red-black tree) out
and using even a simple hash table instead with, say, fill factor 0.7
should improve the situation.  Malloc tuning (mallopt and malloc_trim
calls) had no discernible effect. The noise at 42 hour mark is
zapmempool call, which shows it's still not really working.

So if we are to continue in this direction, if anyone knows of simple
and proven C++ code for hash table or other suitable mempool
datastructure (best if std::map drop in replacement), we're game. And
obviously instead of using static array of 400000 blocks and related
data, allocate/mmap these several megabytes at a time. If the blocks
with related data are laid out by height, old rarely used ones can be
swapped out by OS, which would finally enable bitcoind to run fine on
128M RAM device without further extensive changes.

Also, needs to test if it deallocates mutated transactions.

[1] http://therealbitcoin.org/ml/btc-dev/2015-August/000142.html -
Note that if you take reference of CTransaction straight from
mapTransactions and call RemoveFromMemoryPool on it, it will
deallocate itself in the middle of the call and crash. You're supposed
to call such functions on a *copy* of CTransaction object.

[2] http://therealbitcoin.org/ml/btc-dev/2015-May/000095.html - disabled
static linking for the 2nd linker stage is necessary for igprof to
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