[BTC-dev] V [v99995] Beta 2 - Call For Testers!

Shane Kinney modsix at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 03:26:43 UTC 2016

URL: <http://therealbitcoin.org/ml/btc-dev/attachments/20160209/attachment.txt?sha1=94d3da629e4e94b596fee90485bd06cf44247b8e>
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[ Request For Testing: Advanced V users only! ]

This is a *second* beta vpatch for V [v99996] [R.01].

[ NOTE ]
It should be noted that all of the changes in the last v99995 beta patch [R.02]
are included in this new patch.  You will need to start with a clean V [v99996]
to patch cleanly.  See the section below on how to apply this patch.

The vpatch makes the following changes and needs to be tested:

0x01]: Changes the version number from v99996 to v99995.

0x02]: Updates the error message in the `validate_seals' subroutine.

0x03]: Removes superfluous tabs in `traverse_desc' and `traverse_ante'

0x04]: Fixes a defect in the `verify_pressed' subroutine.  Upon checking of
       the hash of a pressed source file, if the pressed source file hash
       does not match the expected hash from the signed vpatch, V will throw
       an error and exit.  The source file in question, along with the expected
       and actual SHA512 hash values with be written to stdout.

0x05]: Fixed a defect in the `add_desc_src_files' graphing subroutine.

0x06]: Removed two trailing whitespaces.

0x07]: Shortened a line of code that exceeded 80 columns.

0x08]: Added a helper subroutine `death' to be called in place of `die'.  This
       subroutine will call `remove_tmpdir` and then `die'.  This is intended
       to reduce two required calls in the event of error to one.

0x09]: Added check for invalid vpatch was added to `build_map` subroutine.  This
       will aleart the user and then call `death' and report the error and the
       vpatch in question.

0x0A]: Added a check in the `verify_pressed' subroutine to ensure the given HEAD
       to press up to, and through, is indeed in the current flow list.  If the
       given HEAD is not found in the flow, V will then call `death' and report
       an error.

0x0B]: Added the `origin' feature as seen in asciilifeform's [R.03] original
       implementation [R.04] of V.

[ How to apply patch for testing ]:

0x11]: Save the attached vpatch.

0x12]: Verify the vpatch with the attached signature.

0x13]: Place attached vpatch in the same directory as your v.pl [v99996].

0x14]: Copy v.pl [v99996] to `v.pl.v99996', as follows:

       `cp v.pl v.pl.v99996`

0x15]: Apply the vpatch, as follows:

       `patch -p0 < V_v99995_beta2.vpatch`

0x16]: Happy testing!  Let me know how it goes in #bitcoin-assets.

  [R.01]: http://thebitcoin.foundation/ml/btc-dev/2016-January/000199.html
  [R.02]: http://thebitcoin.foundation/ml/btc-dev/2016-February/000209.html
  [R.03]: 1721 5D11 8B72 3950 7FAF ED98 B982 28A0 01AB FFC7
  [R.04]: http://thebitcoin.foundation/ml/btc-dev/2015-August/000160.html
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