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 ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation: STATE OF BITCOIN ADDRESS ]::..

     [        Date: 2018.10.28                          ]
     [   Co-Chairs: mod6 [R.01] && ben_vulpes [R.02]    ]

0x00]: Introduction

   It is with great honor and privilege that The Bitcoin Foundation embraces
   this opportunity to address the public on the state of current progress,
   obstacles and continuing steps in our mission.

0x01]: Accomplishments

  0x010: The Foundation now has a toll-free [US Only] number that is available
         for questions. [1] 833 TMSR BTC

         hanbot [R.03] is taking on a role at The Bitcoin Foundation, she will
         be working on outreach to the public; something sorely missing in the

         nicoleci [R.04], is also going to be helping out the Foundation by
         answering the Toll Free Number [above], and passing whatever notes or
         questions arise, along to the proper individuals.

  0x011: mod6's node again was corrupted, and was down for a few weeks during
         the month.  It has been restored [R.05] an added to the list of
         Advertised Republican Nodes [R.06].

  0x012: pete_dushenski's [R.07] nodes were found to be dead, and thus removed
         from the list of Advertised Republican Nodes [R.08] [R.06].

  0x013: asciilifeform [R.09] published a vpatch that logs what IP address sent
         a block [R.0A].  mod6 is currently testing this vpatch.

  0x014: asciilifeform also published another experimental vpatch [R.0B] called
         ``makesnap''.  The vpatch produces a file containing on each line:
         the block height in the main chain, followed by its hash.

  0x015: jurov [R.0C] moved the Mailing List [R.0D] to the Foundation's server
         hosted at Pizarro [R.0E].

  0x016: jurov moved the Foundation website to the Foundation's server hosted at

0x02]: Continuing Steps

  0x020: mod6 has been asked [R.0F] to move towards creation of the TRB vtree
         using keccak hashes.  Which will also include a review of the
         Republican keccak implementation.

  0x021: mod6 conducted a regrind and hash been testing a vpatch for the
         phexdigit bug discovered previously [R.10].  This regrind vpatch will
         not be published as-is, until there is a keccak tree.  This patch
         will be emplaced in that tree going forward, once it's created.

  0x022: The Raw Transactions project has been on a bit of a hiatus in recent
         months; new things have come up since this project got underway.
         It will be placed back on the shelf for now to focus on other pressing

0x03]: Expenditures

  0x030: 0.02153823 BTC for colocation services at Pizarro [October] [R.11].

0x04]: Conclusion

   Happy 4th Anniversary to The Bitcoin Foundation!

   The Bitcoin Foundation would like to bestow our sincerest thanks and
   gratitude to the contributors and community for its support and insight.

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