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 ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation: STATE OF BITCOIN ADDRESS ]::..

     [        Date: 2015.07.29                          ]
     [   Co-Chairs: mod6 [R.01] && ben_vulpes [R.02]    ]

0x00] Introduction

   It is with great honor and privilege that The Bitcoin Foundation embraces
   this opportunity to address the public on the state of current progress,
   obstacles and continuing steps in our mission.

0x01] Accomplishments

   [ Submitted Patches ]:

     During the course of July, a variety of patches were submitted to the
     btc-dev mailing list [R.03].  A brief summary of each:

     0x010: Jautenim [R.04] submitted a patch [R.05] to add the `install_sw'
            flag as a parameter to the OpenSSL make command.  This is to avoid
            mandoc generation, which as the email states, fails on some systems
            and causes other problems.  This patch is somewhat moot because
            the stator.sh makefile [R.06] contains this change already.
            However, it's not bad to have in the mailing list as it can be
            applied directly on top of v0.5.3.1-RELEASE as needed.

     0x011: phf [R.07] created two patches [R.08] for `stator' to build and run
            on OpenBSD.  This is very exciting, we've been looking forward to
            supporting this platform for some time now.  mod6 is currently
            running a full blockchain sync test with these patches applied on
            OpenBSD 5.6.

     0x012: asciilifeform [R.09] created a patch [R.0A] that removes testnet
            from the Reference Implementation.

     0x013: asciilifeform created a patch [R.0B] that adds a '-verifyall' flag
            to enable verification of all ECDSA tx signatures.

     0x014: phf submitted a patch [R.0C] to add millisecond timestamps to the
            debug.log file.

     0x015: punkman [R.0D] submitted a patch [R.0E] that is still a work in
            progress.  This patch does a number of things, namely, cleans up the
            logging statements to debug.log.  Also notable here is that it also
            cleans out the `wxMessageBox' cruft along with the removal of the
            `noui.h' header file.  Presently, there is an issue compiling with
            this patch.  Punkman is working to update the btc-dev mailing list
            with a new patch.

            The Bitcoin Foundation would like to thank phf & punkman for their
            efforts clean up the cruft in the logging mechanism.  We will
            revisit applying these patches in their final form during the next
            milestone development period.

     0x016: mod6 [R.01] created a patch [R.0F] to remove the .gitignore files
            from the codebase.  As it turns out, this patch will not be used.
            The `patch` program takes it upon itself to not only remove the
            .gitignore files, but also the directories that are rendered empty
            after the .gitignore removal.  Presently, the current Makefile
            relies upon some of these directories being present to store it's
            object files during compiliation.  For now, the .gitignore files
            stay if for no other reason, acting to ensure these directories

     0x017: ben_vulpes [R.02] created a build script [R.10] for the Reference
            Implementation called ak47.sh.  The aim of this script is to
            download the third party dependencies, compile them, and then build
            a static bitcoind.  Also contains bash flags set to exit upon any

     0x018: mod6 created a patch [R.11] to fix the dumpblock function so that
            it ensures that two parameters are supplied from the user: a block
            height and an output file name.

   [ Other Noteable Submissions ]:

     [ blkcut ]:
       asciilifeform submitted a `blkcut' utility [R.12] that takes a
       blkxxxx.dat file as a parameter and then will either cut the file into
       individual blocks or count them.

     [ rotor ]:
       asciilifeform created a list of instructions [R.13], along with an
       archive of a few scripts and a patch to construct a buildroot to build
       a fully static, deterministic bitcoind using a deterministic gcc of your
       own choice.

   [ v0.5.4-TEST1 Test Archive ]:

     Most of the recent patches that have been submitted have introduced rather
     far-reaching changes.  As much testing as possible is required before any
     release can be certified.  The bitcoin-v0_5_4-TEST1.tar.gz [R.14] bundle
     was created to suit this purpose.

0x02] Complications and Obstacles

0x03] Continuing Steps

     The biggest focus in the next few months will be testing the patches
     applied in test bundle `bitcoin-v0_5_4-TEST1.tar.gz'.

     Additional effort will be put into testing the `rotor'.

0x04] Conclusion

   The Bitcoin Foundation would like to bestow our sincerest thanks and
   gratitude to the contributors and community for its support and insight.

[ References ]:

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