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 ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation: STATE OF BITCOIN ADDRESS ]::..

     [        Date: 2015.11.30                          ]
     [   Co-Chairs: mod6 [R.01] && ben_vulpes [R.02]    ]

0x00] Introduction

   It is with great honor and privilege that The Bitcoin Foundation embraces
   this opportunity to address the public on the state of current progress,
   obstacles and continuing steps in our mission.

0x01] Accomplishments

   [ V ]:

     mod6 completed version [99998 K] of V in perl [R.03]; please refer to
     to the email posted to the BTC-Dev list for a detailed change log.

     During the course of the month, mod6 found a defect in V version [99998 K].
     A new version [99997 K] [R.04] containing a fix was released; please refer
     to the email posted to the BTC-Dev list for a detailed change log.

0x02] Complications and Obstacles

0x03] Continuing Steps

   The road to v0.5.4-RELEASE:

     The Bitcoin Foundation has been working toward a new release of the
     Reference Implementation.  What is outlined below are the remaining
     tasks for completion.

   [ Documentation ]:

     A number of documents need to be updated and created.

       0x031: ``Patching The Reference Implementation''
       0x032: v0.5.4-RELEASE ChangeLog.txt
       0x033: v0.5.4-RELEASE README.txt

   [ Sign and Host Third Party Dependencies ]:

     The Bitcoin Foundation will cryptographically sign and host the
     dependencies for the Reference Implementation as well as for buildroot.
     This will be the case for both x86-64 and i386 versions.

     The work required here is well underway.  It stands currently as the
     largest task to complete.

   [ v0.5.4-TEST2 Testing ]:

     Last month mod6 mentioned a script in the last State of Bitcoin Address
     to automate the building of TEST2 via V in the `rotor'.  This script was
     updated since then, but has not yet been posted to the mailing list.
     The reason being that the script will get some further changes once the
     third party dependencies are signed and posted to their new home at The
     Bitcoin Foundation website.

     This script in current form is for x86-64 only, a i386/i686 version has
     been written but needs some updates and much more testing.  If anyone wants
     to help test the i386/i686 version please let mod6 know.

     Still stay tuned to the mailing list.

   [ Sign & Post Vpatches ]:

     mod6 and ben_vulpes will each need to sign and post the vpatches to be
     included in the v0.5.4-RELEASE.  In addition to the currently unreleased
     simple release vpatch that joins the current leaves in the topological
     source tree.

0x04] Conclusion

   The Bitcoin Foundation would like to bestow our sincerest thanks and
   gratitude to the contributors and community for its support and insight.

[ References ]:

  [R.01]: 027A 8D7C 0FB8 A166 4372 0F40 7217 05A8 B71E ADAF
  [R.02]: 4F79 0794 2CA8 B89B 01E2 5A76 2AFA 1A9F D2D0 31DA
  [R.03]: http://thebitcoin.foundation/ml/btc-dev/2015-November/000178.html
  [R.04]: http://thebitcoin.foundation/ml/btc-dev/2015-November/000180.html

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